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Unmasking the Truth: Is IShowSpeed Really Dead?


IShowSpeed stands out as a popular figure on the internet, especially on YouTube, where he regularly streams for around 4 to 6 hours. His content varies, ranging from esports games to reaction videos and keeping up with tweets on Twitter. However, he’s somewhat infamous for stirring controversy by targeting other streamers in his content. Like many other prominent streamers, collaborating with peers is a common practice for him. What sets him apart are his animated and often aggressive reactions, including his unique barking response, which never fails to entertain his dedicated fanbase. Across social media platforms, IShowSpeed has amassed an impressive following of over 174 million fans, cementing his position as one of the leading YouTubers of color. Outside of his online persona, Speed is a passionate fan of NBA players, with a particular fondness for Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar, often attending their live matches.

Is Ishowspeed Dead?

Yes, Ishowspeed is very much alive and kicking. He’s been keeping his fans entertained across his various social media platforms with his engaging content. His latest update on Instagram dates back to January 10, 2024.

Now, onto those pesky death hoaxes. They’ve popped up more than once. Take, for instance, an incident in September 2021 during one of his live streams. The Dooty Booty hitmaker was caught on camera bouncing high on a trampoline. Unfortunately, he ended up landing awkwardly, hitting his head on the trampoline’s edge. The live stream abruptly ended, which led to wild speculations that he might have passed away due to a tragic neck injury from the trampoline mishap.

But wait, there’s more drama in IShowSpeed’s life. His controversial antics have also fueled these death rumors. Do you recall the July 4, 2022, fireworks incident? A mishandled fireworks display during America’s Independence Day celebration over a live feed nearly reduced his house to ashes. These kinds of situations are what keep the rumors about his death going.

The Truth Behind The Trend

Let’s set the record straight: IShowSpeed is alive and well. Those rumors about his demise were nothing more than a hoax, sparked by his hospitalization. Some reports even went as far as falsely stating that he passed away at the young age of 18. But let me assure you, those claims were quickly debunked. In reality, IShowSpeed is very much alive and kicking. He even streamed some content on August 15, 2023, proving that his lively spirit is still going strong.

Why Was IShowSpeed Hospitalized?

Before the whole death hoax debacle, IShowSpeed had a rough time during a trip to Japan. While he was there, he faced a serious medical issue. A bad sinus infection caused his right eye to swell shut, which landed him in the hospital pronto. He didn’t keep his fans in the dark about it either. Do you recall the July 4, 2022, fireworks incident? A mishandled fireworks display during America’s Independence Day celebration over a live feed nearly reduced his house to ashes. These kinds of situations are what keep the gossip mill running.He compared the unbearable pain he was experiencing like being stabbed in the eye in a YouTube video that he uploaded.

After leaving the hospital, IShowSpeed didn’t hesitate to tell his fans about his experience.g regarding his passing.In his first live stream after the hospital stay, he opened up about how tough it had been. He talked about the intense sinus infection that had him in agonizing cluster headaches. The pain got so bad that he even had thoughts of jumping off a building while he was still in Japan. It was serious stuff, and he made it clear that this sinus infection nearly did him in.

Road To Recovery

Now that he’s back home and back to his streaming routine, IShowSpeed is focusing on getting better. He’s already back to his online gigs and should be getting back to his usual streaming routine before long. It’s a good reminder that while the internet may be a very useful information source, you should always be cautious about adopting the newest fashions. Rumors can unnecessarily raise tension and anxiety, especially when they involve someone’s health.Luckily, in IShowSpeed’s case, those rumors were just that—rumors. He’s still here, keeping his fans engaged and entertained as always.

Who is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed, originally named Darren Jason Watkins Jr., was born to Darren Watkins Sr. on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. His father gained fame as a YouTuber who specializes in vlogs on his YouTube channel. Darren’s parents separated during his early years.

Growing up in Cincinnati, Darren shared his childhood with a younger sister whose identity remains unknown. Additionally, he has a younger half-brother named Dian Jason, better known as Dayday (Jamal). Both of Darren’s siblings frequently make appearances in his live-stream videos.

X, the notable American individual, pursued his early education at Purcell Marian Catholic High School, where he actively engaged in basketball. Darren commenced his educational journey at Ohio Digital Learning School, culminating in the acquisition of his diploma in June 2023.

Distinguished by the moniker IShowSpeed, he gained prominence for his captivating gaming content and live stream snippets disseminated across various social media platforms. Since its inception in March 2016, his YouTube channel has amassed a formidable following of over 22.6 million subscribers, while his TikTok presence boasts an audience exceeding 23 million followers.

Moreover, Darren enjoys a significant fan base across other social media avenues. His Instagram profile commands a staggering following of over 14.9 million individuals, and his Twitter handle boasts a substantial audience of 2.5 million followers.

The online celebrity is a musician in addition to his social media activities. With the publication of his smash song, “Dooty Booty,” on his YouTube account in 2021, he made his musical debut. He has since released more noteworthy songs like “World Cup,” “Shake,” and “God is Good.”

Ishowspeed Biography

Born on January 21, 2005, Darren Jason Watkins Jr., recognized widely as IShowSpeed or Speed, celebrates his 19th birthday in 2024, aligning with the Aquarius zodiac sign. His roots trace back to Cincinnati, Ohio, nestled within the United States, where he presently calls home. Accepting his African-American roots and adhering to Christianity, he describes himself as straight. At 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) height and 172 pounds in weight, he has dark brown eyes and a mane of black hair. Darren Watkins Sr. is the father figure in Darren’s life, and he has two siblings as family members. Currently unattached, Darren dedicated his academic years to institutions such as Purcell Marian Catholic High School and Ohio Digital Learning School. 

Ishowspeed Wiki

Full nameDarren Jason Watkins Jr.
Famous asIShowSpeed, Speed
Date of birth21 January 2005
Age19 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signAquarius
Place of birthCincinnati, Ohio, United States
Current residenceCincinnati, Ohio, United States
Height (feet)5’11”
Height (cm)180
Weight (lbs)172
Hair colourBlack
Eye colourDark brown
FatherDarren Watkins Sr.
Relationship statusSingle
EducationPurcell Marian Catholic High School, Ohio Digital Learning School
ProfessionYouTuber, live streamer, social media influencer, rapper
Net worth$10 million

Ishowspeed Education

In June 2023, Speed wrapped up his studies at Ohio Digital Learning School in Mauwe, Ohio, marking a significant milestone in his life. To commemorate this special moment, he took to YouTube to share his graduation pictures with his uncle, expressing his overwhelming pride and joy. Even though he dabbled in streaming throughout his time in school, he has now completely committed himself to this active online community. Still, it’s unclear if he’s made up his mind to go to college at this point because there isn’t any hard data about his present academic endeavors that can be found elsewhere.

Ishowspeed Personal Life

On January 21, 2005, Darren Watkins Jr. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He’s opted not to reveal any information about his family life, keeping it well hidden. It wasn’t easy for Darren to convey to his parents what being a YouTuber meant to him. When he hit the milestone of 100k subscribers on YouTube, his mother’s cold reaction left him feeling quite down. According to reports, Darren is currently single, although there have been whispers about him dating Ermony Renee. However, in a recent video on his channel, he opened up about how his girlfriend had betrayed him, leaving him for someone else.

Ishowspeed Family Background

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Darren Watkins in Cincinnati, Ohio, on January 21, 2005, Darren Watkins, also known as Speed, came into the world. He is now eighteen years old and grew up in Ohio with his two brothers. 

However, their family encountered hardships following his parents’ divorce, resulting in the siblings being separated and living in different places. During his sophomore year of high school in 2022, Speed resided with his mother, focusing more on building his career in entertainment.

Initially, Speed kept his family life private from the media, but over time, he gradually introduced them to his audience. His father, Darren Watkins Sr., stood firmly behind Speed’s career choice, nurturing a strong father-son bond.

On the contrary, Speed’s mother appeared to be less supportive of his career endeavors, preferring to stay out of the limelight, as observed in some of Speed’s streams, where she opted not to be featured, even during his school graduation. Speed has a younger brother named DayDay Watkins, approximately 13 years old, whose interests have sparked discussions, though it’s crucial to respect their privacy regarding such personal matters. The identity of Speed’s younger sister remains undisclosed, and she hasn’t made any appearances in his streams.

Growing up, Speed had a passion for football and admires various international players in the sport. Since childhood, he harbored a keen interest in content creation and gaming.

Ishowspeed Relationshsip Status

In the span from January 2023 to February 2023, Aaliyah Wasko and IShowSpeed engaged in a fleeting virtual dalliance. While journeying through Japan, Speed opted for an unconventional path towards companionship by availing the services of a rented girlfriend. He documented this escapade via a livestream dubbed “I Procured a Companion,” wherein he introduced an enchanting Japanese lady as his cohort for the day. Despite the linguistic hurdles, their mutual enjoyment was evident, culminating in a poignant moment where Speed serenaded her, his fingers intertwined with hers, crooning verses akin to “enfold me.”

Following their day-long rendezvous, Speed endeavored to reestablish contact with the Japanese lady through a video call, longing to behold her countenance once more. Regrettably, she politely rebuffed his advances, citing her recent awakening. Undeterred by this initial setback, Speed and the Japanese lady rendezvoused once more. The precise nature of their association remains nebulous, leaving spectators pondering whether they share a platonic bond or something deeper. For conclusive affirmation, aficionados must await updates directly from Speed.

In April 2021, Speed purportedly fostered romantic ties with Ava Barbie. Furthermore, intermittent periods of courtship ensued with Ermony Renee throughout 2021. Speed’s liaison with Ermony Renee, endearingly dubbed Dream, blossomed subsequent to their encounter at a local UDF in 2021. Their romantic entanglement was characterized by peaks and troughs, with public altercations broadcasted on his livestreams, swiftly succeeded by reconciliatory gestures the ensuing day. Nonetheless, the trajectory took a divergent route towards the end of 2021 when Ermony ceased her appearances on Speed’s streams. Subsequently, he disclosed that their communication had ceased due to her forging a relationship with another beau, culminating in the dissolution of their bond.

Streaming Career


In 2016, during his teenage years and while attending school, he ventured into YouTube and began creating content, focusing on games like NBA 2K, Volarant, FIFA, Roblox, and Fortnite. He also incorporated vlogs about his lifestyle during the pandemic, which contributed to his rise in fame. Even though he joined YouTube in March 2016, he didn’t upload video until December 2017. Gaming has always been his passion. His journey to fame began when he started uploading NBA 2K18 videos. Speed has been described as the ‘kotaku’, a term meaning ‘one of the biggest and fastest rising streamers’ on YouTube. His fame further received a boost when Talking Ben videos went viral, garnering significant support and contributing to the growth of his streaming career. However, there have also been incidents that added to his rise in popularity. Over the span of a few months, his subscriber count skyrocketed, reaching milestones of 100 thousand subscribers in April 2021, 1 million in June 2021, and 10 million in July 2022. In a surprising turn of events, Speed boasts over 18.4 million subscribers on YouTube after a week hitting 17 million subscribers. In the year of 2022, he made several videos including challenges with the fellow streamers and his younger brother. He also invited many guest streamers, often collaborating with Kai Cenat, another streamer. In July 2022, a Pikachu firework he ignited inside his bedroom almost caused a fire, posing a serious danger to his home, for which he received flak. Despite this, he continued with similar antics on July 14, resulting in a troublesome situation where he had difficulty leaving his room.


Back in 2018, Speed made his debut on Twitch and quickly gained popularity, building a sizable following through gaming streams and collaborations with fellow streamers. However, his Twitch journey took an unexpected twist in 2021 due to controversial remarks and participating in an online date with Adin Ross, sparking widespread debates. Matters escalated further when he got into a heated argument with Instagram model Ash Kaash, posing inappropriate questions that violated Twitch’s guidelines, leading to a permanent ban from the platform. Consequently, Speed had to bid farewell to his Twitch streaming career. Recently, there has been buzz surrounding Kai Cenat’s interaction with Twitch CEO Clancy, fueling hopes among fans for Speed’s potential unbanning. While it’s unclear if the CEO will reverse Speed’s ban, it’s evident that many fans are eagerly anticipating his comeback on Twitch.


TikTok was instrumental in catapulting Speed to stardom when he first started his streaming journey. Fans shared his YouTube videos showcasing challenges, gaming highlights, and memorable streaming moments on TikTok reels, contributing significantly to his rapid rise in popularity. Recently, Speed joined in on the NPC trend in a video, delighting and captivating his loyal fan community even more.


In May 2023, Speed decided to expand his online presence by joining Rumble, where he collaborated with his close friend Cenat on a show called ‘Kai ‘N’ Speed’. They have amassed an incredible following of over 40.7k followers in just three months. They were busily working on the third episode and had already shown two by August 2023. The first episode, “Go Camping with Teanna Trump,” and the second, “Exploring the Most Haunted Places in America,” both quickly became extremely popular on social media and racked up millions of views in a short amount of time.

Their upcoming third episode promises to take viewers on an exciting journey through Japan, while the fourth episode will showcase Cenat and Speed’s experiences dating 100 girls. These captivating episodes have significantly contributed to their growing fame and success on the platform.

Music Career

Speed made his musical debut in August 2021 when his first song, “Dooty Booty,” was posted to his YouTube channel. The song took off right away and became well-known on websites like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

In November 2021, he released his second single, “Shake,” which featured ingenious samples from Ray Charles’s “Hit The Road Jack” and Fugees’ “Ready or Not.” On YouTube, the corresponding music video has received over 160 million views.

As he continued on his musical career, Speed released ‘Ronaldo (sewey),’ his third song, in June 2022, expressing his respect for the legendary football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

He honored the 2022 FIFA World Cup with the Warner Records release of his fourth song, “World Cup,” in November 2022.

 During the same year, Speed collaborated with fellow artists Tiyo Wayne and Aitch on the music video ‘let’s go.’

In April 2023, Speed and his close friend Kai Cenat teamed up for their fifth song titled ‘Dogs,’ which gained significant popularity despite facing criticism from some fellow streamers.

By July 2023, Speed showcased his talent live by performing his single ‘World Cup’ at the Rolling Aloud Hip Hop Festival in Portugal, setting the stage on fire with his energetic performance.

Awards & Achievements

In December 2022, IShowSpeed reached a major achievement by clinching the Streamy Award in the prestigious “Breakout Streamer” category during the 12th Streamy Awards. This acknowledgment firmly established his position as a rising and highly praised content creator within the online streaming sphere. Additionally, Speed earned a nomination for the coveted 2022 Streamy Awards in the fiercely competitive “Streamer of the Year” category.

Ishowspeed Net Worth 

As of 2023, Speed’s estimated net worth falls between $10 to $12 million, a substantial amount largely influenced by his widespread presence across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, and Twitter. These platforms have significantly contributed to his impressive wealth, all achieved at the young age of 18. Through his engaging live streams featuring Fortnite and NBA 2K gameplay, he has successfully generated substantial revenue even as a teenager. His annual earnings are estimated to be close to $1.5 million.

Ishowspeed Social Media

During a special YouTube livestream set in a hospital, he attracted more than 19 million new followers to his channel. Moreover, he has built a significant audience on Rumble, with 40.7k followers, and on TikTok, where he boasts an enormous fan base of 21.6 million supporters. When you tally up his followers across all these social media platforms, IShowSpeed commands an impressive total of over 44 million followers. This achievement firmly establishes his standing as a highly influential and extensively followed content creator within the online community.

Social Media PlatformHandle


IShowSpeed’s Popularity: IShowSpeed, also known as Darren Jason Watkins Jr., is a prominent figure on the internet, particularly on platforms like YouTube, where he streams for hours on various content ranging from esports to reaction videos.

Controversial Persona: Known for his animated reactions and sometimes controversial content targeting other streamers, IShowSpeed has amassed over 174 million followers across social media platforms.

Death Hoaxes: Despite being alive and active on social media, IShowSpeed has been the subject of multiple death hoaxes, including incidents such as a trampoline mishap and a fireworks incident during a live stream.

Hospitalization: IShowSpeed faced a serious medical issue during a trip to Japan, where he suffered from a severe sinus infection, leading to hospitalization and intense pain.

Recovery and Return: After recovering from his health scare, IShowSpeed returned to his streaming routine, focusing on getting better and entertaining his fanbase.

Family Background: Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2005, IShowSpeed grew up in a family that encountered hardships following his parents’ divorce, with his father supporting his career choice while his mother preferred privacy.

Relationship Status: While there have been rumors of romantic relationships, including with individuals like Ermony Renee, IShowSpeed has also faced betrayals, as mentioned in his videos.

Streaming Career: IShowSpeed gained fame through his YouTube channel, Twitch streams, and TikTok, with millions of subscribers and followers across platforms, despite facing controversies and bans.

Music Career: Alongside his streaming career, IShowSpeed has ventured into music, releasing several songs and even performing live at events like the Rolling Aloud Hip Hop Festival.

Net Worth and Achievements: With an estimated net worth of $10 to $12 million and accolades like the Streamy Award for “Breakout Streamer,” IShowSpeed has achieved significant success at a young age.


Born Darren Jason Watkins Jr., IShowSpeed is a well-known online personality recognized for his captivating videos on social media sites like TikTok and YouTube. He continues to be active and delight his millions of fans in spite of scandals and death hoaxes. After a health scare during a trip to Japan, IShowSpeed recovered and returned to his streaming routine. He has also found success in music and has achieved notable awards and recognition for his contributions to online streaming.


Is IShowSpeed dead? No, IShowSpeed is very much alive and active on social media, despite being the subject of multiple death hoaxes in the past.

What caused the death hoaxes surrounding IShowSpeed? The death hoaxes surrounding IShowSpeed stemmed from incidents such as a trampoline mishap and a fireworks incident during his live streams, which led to speculations about his well-being.

What was IShowSpeed hospitalized for? IShowSpeed was hospitalized due to a severe sinus infection that caused intense pain and required medical attention during a trip to Japan.

Has IShowSpeed faced any controversies in his career? Yes, IShowSpeed has faced controversies, including bans from platforms like Twitch due to inappropriate behavior and remarks.

What is IShowSpeed’s net worth? IShowSpeed’s net worth is estimated to be between $10 to $12 million, largely influenced by his success as an internet personality and content creator.

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