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Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr. (born June 5, 1976) is an American improvisational comedian, actor, and producer from the New York City borough of Staten Island.He used to be a part of the comedic group Tenderloins, which also included Brian Quinn, James Murray, and Sal Vulcano.

Joe Gatto Net Worth

There are so many figures making the rounds on the internet regarding his net worth.

His actual net worth is estimated to be around $7 million while the valuation of Impractical Jokers’ actors stands at $20 million or a little above.

And since there are 4 actors in the show, each worth $5 million. Gatto’s substantial net worth is largely attributed to the triumph of Impractical Jokers, a show that premiered on truTV back in 2011.

In the realm of comedic entertainment, the distinguished American humorist, producer, and scribe, Joe Gatto, commands a financial empire boasting an impressive $7 million valuation. Gatto, in collaboration with his erstwhile comrades from the halls of high school camaraderie—Sal Vulcano, Brian Quinn, and James Murray—etched their mark as prominent figures within the comedic enclave, notably as part of the esteemed troupe, the Tenderloins. Their ascendancy unfurled through the tapestry of TruTV’s concealed lens comedic reality odyssey, “Impractical Jokers,” a creative saga that unfolded its whimsical narrative from the annals of 2011 to the denouement of 2021.

In addition, Gatto demonstrated his comic skills with his fellow Tenderloins on the comedy game show “The Misery Index” on TBS.

Who is Joe Gatto?

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Encased within the bonds of camaraderie, Joe, alongside his chums from youth—Sal Vulcano, James “Murr” Murray, and Brian “Q” Quinn—constitute the comedic ensemble recognized as “The Tenderloins.”


Famous comedian, actor, and producer Joe Gatto is most recognized for his work on the popular television series “The Misery Index” and “Impractical Jokers.” His original group, The Tenderloins humor Troupe, has performed live humor for sold-out audiences all around the world, including storied venues like Madison Square Garden in New York and the O2 Arena in London.

Height and Age

Joe Gatto stands at approximately 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall, and he was born on June 5, 1976. As of the current date in 2024, he would be 47 years old.

Early Life

Gatto is of Italian origin and was born in Staten Island.. Gatto attended Monsignor Farrell High School. Along with Murray, Vulcano, and Quinn, he was a member of his high school’s Improvisation Club.He studied at LIU Post, where he received a degree in accounting.Gatto’s father died in 1995 from pancreatic cancer.


At Callon Petroleum Company, Joe Gatto takes on the esteemed position of President and Chief Executive Officer. He is still active on the board of directors as well. In April of 2012, X commenced his tenure with the organization, assuming the challenging role of Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance. Leveraging his enduring association with the company, which originated from his prior role as an autonomous consultant specializing in strategic and financial matters, X navigated his way to the current echelons of leadership he occupies today. A few significant turning points in Gatto’s career have been holding managing director positions at Merrill Lynch & Co. and Barclays Capital.

In the realm of academia, Gatto earned his stripes at Cornell University, culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree. Continuing his intellectual pursuits, he went on to acquire an MBA from the venerable Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Personal Life

Joe’s father died in 1995 from pancreatic cancer due to alcohol poisoning. Joe is a teetotaler as a result. His mother died in 2012.

Joe has a sister named Carla who appears in one episode. His brother-in-law later made one appearance and took revenge on Murr when he was a human piñata. Joe married a woman named Bessy in 2013. They have two children together: a daughter Milana (born May 7, 2015), and a son Remington “Remo” Joseph (born August 1, 2017). Following his marriage, the other Jokers now use Joe’s status as a married man against him in the show during challenges, including bringing his wife to a challenge. He is the first of two married Jokers to get married, the second being Murr.

For much of the show, Joe being overweight (particularly his prominent gut) was often a point of ridicule among the other Jokers. As Joe has lost weight, these jokes have mostly ceased.


Joe Gatto, an Italian-American hailing from the borough of Staten Island in New York City, was nurtured in its vibrant surroundings. His educational journey led him through the halls of Monsignor Farrell High School and LIU Post, culminating in the attainment of a degree in accounting.Born to Gerri Amato-Gatto (his mother) and Joseph Gatto Sr. (his father), both immigrants to the USA pre-Joe’s arrival, he experienced the loss of his father in 1995 due to illness.

In 2013, Joe entered matrimony with Bessy Gatto, who had relocated from California to join him in New York three years prior. They welcomed a boy and a daughter into their household. Regretfully, their divorce in December 2021 marked the end of their partnership.

More happily ever after, Joe Gatto is a supporter of the “Adopt, Don’t Shop” campaign and has a dog. .


Amidst his renowned comedic capers on Impractical Jokers, Joe Gatto approaches matrimonial bonds with a gravity that surpasses the jest. This solemnity is particularly palpable in his marital commitment to Bessy Gatto.

The nuptial alliance of Joe and Bessy unfolded its inaugural chapter in 2013, heralding the genesis of a familial saga that would burgeon to encompass two progenies, Remington “Remo,” and Milana, within the ensuing decade. Yet, the dawn of January 2022 unfurled an announcement from Joe, not only proclaiming his disentanglement from Impractical Jokers but also signaling the termination of conjugal ties with his wife.

In a pronouncement via Instagram, he disclosed, “Owing to certain vicissitudes in my personal realm, I find it imperative to take a step back. Bessy and I have judiciously chosen the path of amicable separation, prompting my unwavering commitment to being an exemplary progenitor and co-guardian to our two extraordinary offspring.”

Fast-forward to September 2023, and Joe astounded many by divulging a rekindling of affections with Bessy. His Instagram missive conveyed an enduring affection for Bessy, elucidating that the reunion was propelled by an epiphany, “there exists no other individual I would envisage as my confidant.”

Bessy reciprocated these sentiments through a poignant post, commemorating the crests and troughs of their companionship and anticipating a riveting destiny. She articulated, “On the day of our matrimonial vows, I believed I loved you beyond measure. Presently, I discern that was a fallacy; my love for you has deepened. Witnessing the paternal eminence you embody, the forbearance and benevolence you exude, and the elation you bestow upon us, that constitutes the most authentic manifestation of love I’ve encountered.”

This odyssey of ardor and reconciliation begets curiosity regarding the enigmatic Bessy Gatto. Herein lies an exploration of the facets of Bessy Gatto and her enduring companionship with the humorist.


After being apart for years, Murray, Gatto, and Vulcano reunited after graduating from college and began practicing improvisation at Gatto’s house, going on to tour as an improv and sketch comedy troupe in 1998, calling themselves the Tenderloins.

Renowned for his conspicuous presence on Impractical Jokers, Joe Gatto assumed a pivotal role in sculpting the flagship truTV spectacle. The entire topography of the network underwent a metamorphosis with the inauguration of Impractical Jokers, a facetious reality series that made its premiere in December 2011.

 The show had previously focused on crime.In contrast, on New Year’s Eve of 2022, Joe Gatto delivered a heartfelt declaration about his leaving.Citing personal reasons entwined with familial affairs, his decision resonated across admirers. 

Social Media

After Impractical Jokers star Joe Gatto confirmed via Instagram that he was leaving the long-running truTV series “due to some issues in my personal life,” his friends & co-stars James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano issued a joint post on Instagram where the three explained that they never imagined going on with the show without Gatto & that they were “saddened to see him go,” but also that they remain committed to the fans and the production team, promising to “get back to making a new chapter of ‘Impractical Jokers’ in January.” While fans wait to hear what this “new chapter” would involve, it’s safe to say that many left the news with the hopeful feeling that after some time away Gatto would eventually be able to rejoin the troupe again. And while that may be true down the road, the show’s social media accounts sure send a striking and depressing reminder that what was once four is now three. Here’s a look at the Impractical Jokers’ Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages- each listing only three members now (and if you follow the show then you know what “Prince Herb) is all about).


Actual Net Worth: Joe Gatto’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

Impractical Jokers Valuation: The collective net worth of the actors from “Impractical Jokers” is estimated to be over $20 million.

Individual Valuation: Since there are four actors in the show, each is estimated to be worth $5 million.

Attribution of Wealth: Gatto’s substantial net worth is largely attributed to the success of “Impractical Jokers,” which premiered on truTV in 2011.


Joe Gatto is a well-known and respected character in American comedy. His impressive net worth is $7 million. The popularity of “Impractical Jokers,” a truTV program that changed the network’s landscape since its launch in 2011, is crucial to his financial success.  Beyond his comedic exploits, Gatto’s educational journey, including his tenure at Cornell University and LIU Post, adds layers to his multifaceted persona. Notably, his career extends beyond television, with ventures like “The Misery Index” showcasing his comedic prowess


What is Joe Gatto’s actual net worth?

Joe Gatto’s estimated net worth is around $7 million.

What contributes to his substantial net worth?

The primary contributor is the success of “Impractical Jokers,” a reality series on truTV that premiered in 2011.

What is the collective net worth of the “Impractical Jokers” actors?

The actors’ combined valuation stands at $20 million, with each actor individually worth $5 million.

Apart from “Impractical Jokers,” what other projects highlight Joe Gatto’s career?

Gatto is a founding member of The Tenderloins Comedy Troupe and has made notable appearances on “The Misery Index” on TBS.

What is Joe Gatto’s educational background?

He graduated from Monsignor Farrell High School, holds a degree in accounting from LIU Post, and earned an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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