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Martin Short Net Worth: Bio, Education, Early Life, Family, Personal Life, Relationship, Career, Awards And More


On March 26, 1950, Martin Hayter Short OC, an accomplished entertainer, was born in both Canada and the United States. Acclaimed for his exuberant sense of humor, Short has received recognition for his captivating roles in sketch comedy.  His talent extends beyond humour, as he has showcased his acting skills in numerous films and television shows.

Martin Short Net Worth

Discover Martin Short’s amazing career and financial journey, which highlights his humorous genius and has helped him accumulate a sizeable net worth.

As of 2024, Martin Short—a name in the entertainment industry linked with humor and adaptability—has a $25 million net worth, according to Net Worth Post. This noteworthy fortune is a direct result of Short’s diverse career spanning numerous decades across film, television, and stage. His venture into the entertainment landscape weaves a tapestry of comedic ingenuity, ceaseless creativity, and an unwavering dedication to his craft, all contributing significantly to his financial prosperity and industry recognition.

Short’s initiation into the entertainment scene was marked by his innate comedic timing and a distinct ability to resonate with audiences. His early years in the industry involved refining his talents on various platforms, progressively establishing a reputation as a versatile and skilled performer. His breakthrough in television, followed by ventures into film and stage, not only showcased his acting range but also cemented his position as a household name.

Who is Martin Short?

Martin was born in Hamilton, Ontario, on March 16, 1950, but had great hardships and sadness in his early years, even though he built his profession around humor. He had already lost three family members by the time he was twenty. When Martin was just twelve years old, the eldest of his five siblings, David, unfortunately died in an automobile accident in 1962.

These tragic occurrences inspired Martin to live life to the fullest instead of giving in to hopelessness. He told an interviewer, looking back on his struggles, “I believe that kind of loss can feed how you run your whole life. I’ve made the decision to see life less as a source of worry and more like a celebration.” This strong sense of optimism turned became the gifted comedian’s compass. Although Martin had no intention of becoming a comedian, he eventually came to the realization that making people laugh was his calling after being inspired by performers and comedians such as Jerry Lewis, Stan Laurel, Dick Van Dyke, and Harpo Marx.


Olive Grace and Charles Patrick Short welcomed Martin into the world. His father passed away two years after his mother died of cancer in 1968, marking the beginning of tragedy in his life. Despite facing these early challenges, Short displayed a profound interest in acting and comedy from a tender age. Although he successfully earned a degree in Social Work from McMaster University, his deep passion for the performing arts ultimately steered him toward a career in entertainment.


Martin Short pursued his education at McMaster University, initially dedicating two years to pre-med studies before shifting gears to focus on social work. During his time at university, he actively participated in campus plays, showcasing his early flair for performance. Short’s involvement extended to becoming a member of the McMaster Shakespearean Players and assuming the role of president at Proscenium, a club dedicated to producing musicals. It was during his McMaster days that he formed lasting connections, notably with Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas, laying the foundation for collaborative endeavors that would span years to come.

Early Life

Born to Olive (née Hayter) and Charles Patrick Short, Martin Short was raised in Hamilton, Ontario. He is the youngest of five siblings. The background of his upbringing was provided by his father, an executive at the well-known Canadian steel manufacturer Stelco, and mother, a former concertmaster for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. Short has always had a great deal of respect for the great Frank Sinatra.

In his youth, Short would organize make-believe variety shows, assuming various roles like host, guest, and comedian. Growing up in a lively, large Irish Roman Catholic family, he honed his comedic skills. Despite facing a series of tragedies, including the loss of his eldest brother in a car crash at the age of 12, his mother to cancer five years later, and his father to a stroke at the age of 20, Short found resilience. Reflecting on these challenges in his 2014 autobiography, “I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend,” he shared, “When you’re met with fire early, you develop a certain Teflon quality.”

Short’s educational journey led him to McMaster University in Hamilton, initially pursuing a premed curriculum. However, influenced by the encouragement of classmates and future comedy collaborators Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas, he eventually shifted gears, earning a degree in social work before venturing into the world of entertainment.

Martin Short Family

After being wed in 1980, actress Nancy Dolman and Martin Short shared a home until her passing in 2010.  The pair brought three children into their lives during their marriage. A major tenet of Short’s life is his commitment to his family, which comes through in his choices and public appearances.

Personal Life

Martin Short met Canadian comedic actress Nancy Dolman in 1972 while working on the Godspell production. This encounter sparked an affair, which took place in 1980. Well-known for her work in entertainment, Dolman made the decision to give up her job in 1985 in order to devote herself to raising her family as a stay-at-home mother. Katherine, Oliver, and Henry were the three children whom the couple adopted in order to grow their family.

On August 21, 2010, Nancy Dolman passed away from ovarian cancer, bringing tragedy to the Short family. This severe loss permanently altered Short’s life.

Currently, Short and his family reside in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, and also maintain a home on Lake Rosseau in Ontario. Having become a naturalized U.S. citizen, Short has created a life that spans both sides of the border.

In an interesting familial connection, Nancy Dolman’s brother, Bob Dolman, a screenwriter/director and a part of Second City Television (SCTV)’s Emmy-winning writing team alongside Short, married their close friend and colleague Andrea Martin in the same year as Short and Dolman, 1980. Short holds the role of uncle to the couple’s two sons, Jack and Joe. Despite Bob Dolman and Andrea Martin’s subsequent divorce in 2004, the family ties persist. Notably, Short shares a first cousin relationship with Clare Short, a former member of the British Parliament and a former British cabinet minister.


Martin Short has maintained a private stance on his personal relationships throughout his career. His marriage to Nancy Dolman held profound significance in his life, and following her passing, he has dedicated his attention to both his family and career.


Amidst the cultural tapestry of the 1970s, Martin Short embarked on his professional voyage, immersing himself in a myriad of theatrical productions and television ventures that unfolded across the vast canvas of Canada. The 1980s witnessed the effulgent spotlight of recognition converging upon him, courtesy of his resounding contributions to the venerable ‘Saturday Night Live’ (SNL). Unforgettable personas such as Ed Grimley and Jiminy Glick endeared him to the audience, casting a luminous glow on his versatile command in the domains of both acting and comedy.

His triumphs on the SNL stage served as a catapult propelling him into a flourishing cinematic trajectory, where he etched indelible portrayals in cinematic gems like “Three Amigos,” “Father of the Bride,” and “Innerspace.” Beyond the silver screen, Short has gracefully navigated the realm of Broadway, earning commendation for his stellar contributions to productions like “Little Me” and “The Goodbye Girl.”

Martin Short Awards

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Current Net Worth: As of 2024, Martin Short boasts an impressive net worth of $25 million, according to Net Worth Post.

Diverse Career Contributions: Short’s wealth is a culmination of a diverse career spanning decades, encompassing achievements in film, television, and stage performances.

Breakthrough on Saturday Night Live: His breakthrough came with iconic roles on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ catapulting him into the spotlight and contributing significantly to his financial success.

Cinematic Ventures: Short’s ventures into cinema include memorable performances in films such as “Three Amigos,” “Father of the Bride,” and “Innerspace,” contributing to his overall net worth.

Broadway Accolades: Beyond the silver screen, Short has earned acclaim for his roles in Broadway productions like “Little Me” and “The Goodbye Girl,” adding another dimension to his financial prosperity.


In 2024, Martin Short’s financial standing is a noteworthy $25 million, showcasing the prosperity he has garnered through a prolific and triumphant journey in the entertainment realm. Commencing with his pivotal stint on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ where he first captured widespread attention, to his memorable portrayals in movies and lauded acts on the Broadway stage, Short’s wealth is a testament to the varied and profound impact he has had on the entertainment landscape


Q1: What is Martin Short’s current net worth?

 As of 2024, Martin Short’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Q2: How did Martin Short accumulate his wealth? 

Short’s wealth is a result of his multifaceted career, including standout performances on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ iconic roles in films, and successful ventures on Broadway.

Q3: Which roles contributed significantly to Martin Short’s net worth?

Memorable roles in films like “Three Amigos,” “Father of the Bride,” and “Innerspace,” along with successful Broadway performances in productions like “Little Me” and “The Goodbye Girl,” have significantly contributed to Short’s net worth.

Q4: What is the significance of ‘Saturday Night Live’ in Martin Short’s financial success?

‘Saturday Night Live’ served as a pivotal platform for Martin Short, providing him with a breakthrough and playing a crucial role in establishing his financial success in the entertainment industry.

Q5: Are there any recent projects influencing Martin Short’s net worth?

:While specific recent projects were not detailed, Martin Short’s ongoing presence in the entertainment industry suggests continued contributions to his net worth through various endeavors.

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