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The Riches of a Renaissance Man: Tony Danza’s Impressive Net Worth


Anthony Salvatore Iadanza, widely recognized as Tony Danza, entered the world on April 21, 1951, in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, New York. Hailing from a background where his father was employed in sanitation and his mother immigrated from Sicily, Danza made his initial mark in the cinematic realm with his premiere appearance in the 1981 film “Going Ape”

Tony Danza Net Worth

Renowned for his multifaceted prowess, Tony Danza, a triumphant thespian, educator, proficient dancer, and erstwhile pugilist hailing from the United States, boasts an impressive financial portfolio with a net worth soaring at a remarkable $40 million. Acknowledged for his pivotal roles in the television productions “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?”,Danza is showered with awards, including four prestigious Golden Globe nominations, a People’s Choice Award win, and a highly sought-after Emmy Award nomination.Transcending the realm of television, Danza has etched his mark in the cinematic domain, showcasing the extent of his artistic dexterity in a myriad of films, thereby underscoring the expansiveness of his versatile talent.

Who is Tony Danza?

Famous American performer Tony Danza first gained recognition for his exceptional roles in prestigious TV shows like Who’s the Boss? and Taxi? Notable for his outstanding performances, he received four Golden Globe Awards and received nominations for Emmy Awards. Danza’s 1998 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Male Performer in a New Television Series served as a testament to both his talent and enduring allure.He excelled most in the sitcom The Tony Danza Show.

Tony Danza Biography

Anthony Salvatore Iadanza, better known as Tony Danza, was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parents are Matty Iadanza and Anne Cammisa. Born in Campobello di Mazara, Sicily, Anne immigrated to the US with her five siblings in 1929. Matty Jr., Danza’s younger brother, is the happy proprietor of Matty’s on Melrose in Los Angeles. Danza moved to Malverne, Long Island, with his family when he was fourteen years old. There, he attended Malverne High School and graduated in 1969.

In pursuit of knowledge, Danza pursued a bachelor’s degree in history education at the University of Dubuque, courtesy of a wrestling scholarship, culminating in 1973. During his inaugural year in college, he adorned his upper right arm with the Robert Crumb “Keep on Truckin'” tattoo. Reflecting on this choice in a 1985 Us Weekly magazine interview, Danza shared, “I was playing pool with a guy who had all these tattoos, and I wanted to be friends.” His inked expressions expanded with a “Keep Punching”/boxing gloves tattoo on his right shoulder.While navigating college life, Danza crossed paths with and married his first wife, Rhonda Iadanza.

Tony Danza Childhood

On April 21, 1951, Antonio Salvatore Iadanza was born in the bustling city of Brooklyn, New York.Growing up in a blue-collar Italian household, alongside a younger sibling, Tony initially called East New York home before a familial shift led them to Long Island when he was 14. Despite self-identifying as a “bad student” during his high school days, Tony successfully crossed the graduation threshold in 1968. Furthermore, he pursued higher education at the University of Dubuque, attaining a bachelor’s degree in history in 1972, thanks to a wrestling scholarship that facilitated his college journey.

Tony Danza Wiki & Facts

Full nameTony Danza
BirthdayApril 21, 1950
Height176 cm or 5′9″
Weight77 Kg or (169 lbs.)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Net Worth$40 Million

Tony Danza Personal Life

Tony Danza is single at the moment, but he has been married twice before. His first taste of marital pleasure came from his 1970–1974 marriage to Rhonda Yeoman. He then set off on a second voyage into marriage with Tracy Robinson, which lasted from 1986 till 2013. Across these matrimonial ventures, Tony Danza embraced the role of a proud father, ushering four children into the tapestry of his life.

The fruit of his first marriage, Marc, stands as a testament to those earlier years. In the context of his second marital voyage, two daughters, Katherine and Emily, graced his family portrait. It is worth noting that Tony Danza has openly conveyed his contentment with his current single status, resolutely declaring his disinterest in venturing into another marital alliance in the days ahead.

Tony Danza Family Background

In the fabric of Tony Danza’s familial history, his mother diligently balanced the books as a bookkeeper, while his father contributed to the community as a waste collector in the borough of Brooklyn. Delving into his roots, Danza’s paternal grandparents hailed from Pietrelcina in the Campania region of Italy’s Benevento province. On the maternal side, his mother brought the richness of an immigrant experience, originating from the town of Campobello di Mazara in the Sicilian province of Trapani.

Tony Danza Relationships Status

With his first wife, Rhonda Yeoman, whom he had known since college, Tony Danza began their marriage journey in the early 1970s. The couple had a son together during their four years of marriage before divorcing in 1974.  Notably, their son Marc made cameo appearances in two episodes of “Taxi.” A rekindling of sorts occurred in 1983 when Danza and Yeoman reunited, adding another child to their shared narrative. However, this chapter proved fleeting, as Tony entered into his second marriage with Tracy Robinson in 1986.

The union with Robinson endured for two decades, during which they became parents to two children. The sands of time shifted in 2006 when they initiated divorce proceedings, culminating in legal separation by 2011.

Tony Danza Height & Weight

Tony Danza, the widely recognized performer and actor, boasts a height of 175 cm (5 feet 8 inches). This stature, though not towering, adds to his distinctive presence and contributes to the charm that has solidified his popularity in the entertainment realm. His normal height gives him a sympathetic quality that has made him extremely popular with viewers, rather than making him appear overpowering. In the realm of presence, Danza’s charisma and talent take center stage, effortlessly capturing attention despite not reaching towering heights.

Tony Danza Nationality & Ethnicity

American actor of Caucasian ancestry Tony Danza has made a lasting impression on the entertainment business. His ethnic origin and nationality have had a big impact on how his career has developed.

Being of Italian-American heritage, Danza often embodies characters deeply connected to his roots, injecting authenticity into his performances.His background in this culture gives him a distinct viewpoint that enhances the nuance and complexity of his acting performances.

Danza displays his versatility as a performer by deftly assuming parts that cut across racial and cultural divides, all the while preserving pride in his origin.

Transitioning from theater to real estate, Tony listed his Malibu beach house in 2011 and sold it in 2014.

 Despite an initial asking price of approximately $9 million, he settled for a final deal at $8 million. The residence, constructed in 1949, boasts three bedrooms, 3,000 square feet of living space, and an enviable 50 feet of beachfront. This coastal haven had entered Danza’s possession in 1987, with an initial purchase price of $1.15 million.

Tony Danza Career

Boxing Career

Although recognized for his wrestling prowess, Danza ventured into the realm of professional boxing in the early stages of his career. His record stands as a testament to his capabilities, boasting nine wins and three losses in a relatively brief stint. Impressively, he secured nine victories via knockout, including three through technical knockouts. With the exception of a singular bout, each of his matches concluded with a resounding knockout.

Tony Danza Acting Career

Tony was working out hard at a boxing gym when a producer noticed him and offered him a chance to try out for the popular television show “Taxi.” Tony nailed the audition and was cast in the series as a part-time boxer and cab driver. In the portrayal of the fictional erstwhile baseball luminary, Tony Micelli, within the television series “Who’s the Boss?” he garnered heightened recognition. The show, spanning the years 1984 to 1992, experienced an extraordinary octennial trajectory, consistently securing a position within the top decile concerning overall viewership. Tony’s exceptional performance in the 1988 annus mirabilis earned him a star on the coveted Hollywood Walk of Fame, symbolizing his crucial contribution to the production’s success.

Tony delved into the realm of other television productions and the cinematic domain. His inaugural foray into acting materialized as a baseball athlete in the 1994 cinematic opus “Angels in the Outfield.” Prior to this, Tony had graced the silver screen with performances in cinematic works such as “The Hollywood Knights” and “Going Ape!”

 The subsequent year saw him starring in the short-lived sitcom “Hudson Street” before taking the helm of “The Tony Danza Show,” albeit briefly. By the turn of the millennium, Tony landed a notable role in the series “Family Law,” earning him an Emmy Award nomination after a memorable stint on “The Practice.”

Tony’s ability on stage was recognized when he appeared in a 1999 Broadway production of “The Iceman Cometh,” which paved the door for him to host his own talk show. In the annals of Broadway, 2007 witnessed Tony’s foray with “The Producers,” and the following year, he assumed the role of host for the fourth installment of “The Contender.” Tony’s thespian prowess took center stage again when he graced Broadway in 2013 with “Honeymoon in Vegas,” showcasing his adeptness as a versatile actor.

Real Estate

In the archives accessible to the public, it is unveiled that Tony Danza engaged in a substantial real estate venture back in 2005, acquiring a sumptuous 1,046-square-foot residence nestled within the confines of Manhattan’s Millennium Tower. The extravagant price tag affixed to this palatial abode amounted to a staggering $1.7 million.

Fast forward to 2008, Danza decided to part ways with his abode in the Sherman Oaks enclave of Los Angeles, although the exact sale figure remains undisclosed. Intriguingly, the property had previously been listed for an impressive $6.15 million. This sizable 6,778-square-foot residence, resting on a sprawling 1.83-acre expanse, bore the mark of Danza’s architectural ingenuity, having been meticulously erected under his guidance.

Tony’s homeownership journey dates back to 1986 when he acquired the property from actor Robert Urich. The house was reduced to ruins by a tragic twist of fate, the Northridge earthquake. Unfazed, Danza started the laborious process of rebuilding, adding custom elements like a wine cellar, a tennis court, and a gunite pool to the new building. The property boasts abundant views of mountains and valleys, which are very remarkable.


Birth and Background: Tony Danza, born Anthony Salvatore Iadanza on April 21, 1951, in Brooklyn, New York, hailed from a blue-collar Italian household. His father worked in sanitation, and his mother, Anne Cammisa, immigrated from Sicily.

Early Career: Danza made his debut in the 1981 film “Going Ape” but gained widespread recognition for his roles in TV shows like “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?”

Accolades: Known for his versatile talent, Danza has received Emmy Award nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and won a People’s Choice Award.

Education: He pursued a bachelor’s degree in history education at the University of Dubuque on a wrestling scholarship.

Personal Life: Danza has been married twice, first to Rhonda Yeoman (1970-1974) and then to Tracy Robinson (1986-2013). He has four children.

Height & Weight: Tony Danza stands at 175 cm (5 feet 8 inches) and weighs 77 kg (169 lbs).

Nationality & Ethnicity: He is an American actor of Caucasian ancestry with Italian-American heritage.

Real Estate Ventures: Danza engaged in real estate, owning properties in Manhattan and Los Angeles. Notably, he sold his Malibu beach house in 2014.

Boxing Career: Danza briefly ventured into professional boxing, with a record of nine wins and three losses, showcasing his capabilities with nine victories via knockout.

Acting Career: After his success in TV, he transitioned to the cinematic domain, starring in films like “Angels in the Outfield.” His Broadway roles include “The Iceman Cometh” (1999) and “Honeymoon in Vegas” (2013).


Born in 1951, Tony Danza became a well-known actor on the American theater scene, winning praise for his key parts in classic TV shows like “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?” To go along with his success in the entertainment industry are awards, real estate endeavors, and a brief stint in the boxing ring. Flaunting a financial portfolio boasting a net worth of $40 million, Danza retains his standing as a luminary within the captivating realm of showbiz.


What is Tony Danza’s net worth?

Tony Danza’s net worth is an impressive $40 million.

How many children does Tony Danza have?

Tony Danza has four children: Marc from his first marriage, and two daughters, Katherine and Emily, and another child from his second marriage.

What is Tony Danza’s height and weight?

Tony Danza stands at 175 cm (5 feet 8 inches) and weighs 77 kg (169 lbs).

What is Tony Danza’s nationality and ethnicity?

Tony Danza is an American actor of Caucasian ancestry with Italian-American heritage.

Did Tony Danza have a boxing career?

Yes, Tony Danza briefly ventured into professional boxing with a record of nine wins and three losses.

What are Tony Danza’s notable acting achievements?

Danza received Emmy Award nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and won a People’s Choice Award for his contributions to TV shows like “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?”

How many times has Tony Danza been married?

Tony Danza has been married twice, first to Rhonda Yeoman (1970-1974) and then to Tracy Robinson (1986-2013).

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