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Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Career & More Details


Dr. Douglas Weiss, a distinguished psychologist, published author, and eloquent orator, has contributed significantly to the realm of psychological wellness. His endeavors chiefly revolve around marital guidance, treatment for compulsive sexual behavior, and individual growth. Due to his illustrious career trajectory, Dr. Weiss has amassed substantial wealth, with projections indicating further augmentation in the forthcoming years. This discourse will meticulously explore the intricate facets of Dr. Douglas Weiss’s fiscal worth in the year 2024.

Dr Doug Weiss Net Worth

Dr. Doug Weiss is anticipated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million in 2024, based on current estimates. This calculation considers his anticipated earnings from multiple sources and potential increases in investment value.

His net worth falls within the range of $1 million to $8 million, with no specific details provided about earnings from his investments.

Considering his active involvement in various endeavors and diverse income streams, Dr. Weiss is poised for continued financial growth in the foreseeable future. His income from book sales, public speaking engagements, online courses, and investments are all factors contributing to his wealth accumulation.

Who is Dr Doug Weiss?

As a well-known psychologist, counselor, writer, and specialist in treating sex addiction, Dr. Weiss is well-known. Throughout his profession, he has helped individuals overcome obstacles including drug misuse and adultery with great aid.

In the world of psychology, Dr. Doug Weiss is still regarded as a prominent personality. The public is very curious about his personal life, especially his partnerships and love relationships.

His recent separation from Lisa Weiss after a three-decade-long marriage has captured headlines, leaving fans curious about whether he has entered into a new marital union. The question on everyone’s mind is: who is Dr. Doug Weiss’s current wife.

Profile Summary

Doug Weiss, also referred to as Dr. Douglas Weiss, is a well-known authority on psychology and sexual difficulties. His recent public appearance coincided with Joni Lamb’s social media announcement of their engagement, which piqued viewers’ interest over his past. Doug has committed his professional life to helping people overcome obstacles pertaining to marriage counseling, sexual concerns, and self-improvement.

His profound understanding of these areas has resulted in the publication of over forty books, offering valuable insights and solutions to countless individuals seeking healing. In addition to his achievements as a writer, Dr. Weiss founded the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT), a group dedicated to helping those who are struggling with sex addiction. AASAT has been instrumental in increasing awareness and eradicating the stigma attached to this issue through its programs.

Full nameDouglas Weiss
NicknameDr. Doug Weiss
Date of birth18th April 1962
Age61 years old as of 2023
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthFort Worth, Texas, United States
Current residenceColorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Height in feet5’ 11’’
Height in centimeters180
Weight in pounds154
Weight in kilograms70
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
Relationship statusEngaged to Joni Lamb
Ex-wifeLisa Weiss
SchoolUnited Wesleyan College
UniversitySouthwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Northcentral University
ProfessionAmerican psychologist, global speaker, author, sexual issues expert, and TV host
Net worth$1-$8 million

Dr Doug Weiss Early Life

Born on April 18, 1962, Doug Weiss is a psychologist well-known for his commitment to serving others via ministry and counseling. He moved his family and counseling facility to Colorado Springs in 2000 from Fort Worth, Texas. Beginning with a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministries, which established the foundation for his counseling career, Dr. Weiss’s educational path demonstrates his dedication to his field.

Building on this foundation, Dr. Weiss pursued dual master’s degrees in Divinity and Marriage and Family Counseling, deepening his understanding of integrating faith into emotional healing processes. Not content with his achievements, he pursued a doctorate in Psychology, broadening his expertise in mental health beyond religious-focused counseling and expanding the scope of his practice.

Dr Doug Weiss Education

Dr. Doug Weiss, born on October 13, 1960, in the United States, faced difficulties during his early years, motivating him to embark on a path in psychology. Graduating from the University of Central Florida, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, followed by completing his Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Psychology from Northcentral University.

Dr Doug Weiss Age & Height

At 61 years old as of 2023, Doug resides in Colorado and is of American descent with a Caucasian background, embracing the Christian faith. He stands approximately 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.80 meters) and maintains a fit physique.

Dr Doug Weiss Career

Dr. Doug Weiss, known for his prominent television presence, holds accreditation as a psychologist, specializing in the realm of sexual addiction. He has authored literary works and assumes the role of president at the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy.

In addition to his many responsibilities, from 2008 to 2009 he taught as an adjunct at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Notably, Dr. Weiss is the head of Healing Time Ministries, which she founded in 2014.

recovery Time Ministries’ goal is to provide congregations, group leaders, and pastors with inspirational and motivational resources that promote personal and community recovery. In addition, Dr. Weiss serves as the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy’s (AASAT) president.

Under his guidance, the organization provides training for coaches, counselors, and ministry partners, facilitating addiction recovery programs and support services.

Dr Doug Weiss Investments

Throughout his career, Dr. Weiss has demonstrated astute financial acumen, making strategic investments that have yielded significant returns. Although specific details regarding his investment ventures remain undisclosed to the public, it is common knowledge that he has diversified his portfolio into real estate and equities, among other asset classes.

Personal Life with Lisa Weiss

Dr. Weiss is widely recognized for his expertise in addressing complex issues like substance addiction and marital unfaithfulness. Over time, his reputation has soared, garnering a substantial global following eager for insights into his personal life, particularly his relationships and marriage experiences.

The psychologist has experienced matrimony once in his lifetime, which unfortunately concluded in divorce. However, he has since found companionship with another partner. Here’s a detailed look into his marital and dating history.

Dr. Doug tied the knot with Lisa Weiss, a celebrated author and writer, after meeting at the Heart to Heart Counseling Center. After falling in love, the couple were married and enjoyed a long and happy marriage that lasted for over thirty years.

Sadly, their happy ever after was short lived, as they broke up in 2022 for still-unknown reasons. Although his four children from his marriage to Lisa live a private life away from the spotlight, Dr. Doug Weiss is also a proud father.

Dr Doug Weiss Relationships

After his separation from Lisa, Dr. Weiss has embraced love anew with Joni Lamb. Together, they have collaborated on various endeavors such as Joni Table Talk and The Sexually Confident Wife.

Joni is widely recognized as the host of Joni Table Talk, a popular program featured on the Daystar Television Network. Additionally, she is a respected speaker and accomplished author. Reports suggest that Dr. Weiss and Joni Lamb are now engaged, with their engagement announcement made public in March 2023.


Estimated Net Worth: Approximately $5 million.

Range: Falls within $1 million to $8 million.

Income Sources: Book sales, public speaking engagements, online courses, and investments.

Financial Growth: Anticipated to increase in the coming years.


Renowned psychologist Dr. Doug Weiss focuses on treating sexual addiction and providing marriage counseling. He is expected to have a $5 million net worth in 2024. His income comes from a variety of sources, including as investments, public speaking, book sales, and online courses.Despite a recent high-profile separation from his former wife, Lisa Weiss, Dr. Weiss has found new love and engagement with Joni Lamb, a well-known figure in media and authorship. Dr. Weiss’s professional journey is marked by his commitment to helping individuals overcome psychological hurdles and promoting healthy relationships.


What is Dr. Doug Weiss’s estimated net worth in 2024?

Approximately $5 million, with a range between $1 million to $8 million.

What are the main sources contributing to Dr. Weiss’s wealth?

Book sales, public speaking engagements, online courses, and investments.

Is Dr. Weiss expected to experience financial growth in the future?

Yes, projections indicate further augmentation in his wealth due to his diverse income streams and investments.

Who is Dr. Doug Weiss currently engaged to?

Dr. Weiss is engaged to Joni Lamb, a respected speaker, author, and host of Joni Table Talk.

What is Dr. Doug Weiss’s professional background?

Dr. Weiss is a psychologist, counselor, author, and TV host specializing in marital guidance and sexual addiction treatment. He is also the founder of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT).

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