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Who is Yo Gotti Net Worth? All Facts of Yo Gotti Life, Income & Salary


Yo Gotti, an American rapper and artist who is well-known in the music business, has influenced the industry for a long time with his genuine lyrics and distinctive Southern style. He has had a significant increase in his financial success over time. In this article, we’ll delve into an exploration of his anticipated net worth for the year 2024.

Yo Gotti Net Worth 

With a wealth totaling $16 million, Gotti’s success in the music industry is undeniable. His influence has increased significantly as a result of gold certifications for his productions and nominations at prestigious occasions like the BET Hip Hop Awards. Yo Gotti is not just a well-known musician but also the creator and CEO of a record label that helps emerging musicians.

But as seen by the sad event that occurred at the Privé Restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 29, 2023, success is not without its difficulties.This establishment, acquired by Yo Gotti for his mother, underscored the complexities that can accompany achievements, bringing attention to the artist’s involvement in a violent altercation.

Who is Yo Gotti?

Yo Gotti’s life story is woven with threads of resilience and authenticity. Born Mario Sentell Giden Mims in 1981 in the gritty neighborhoods of Memphis, Tennessee, he stands as a testament to the unyielding human spirit. Beyond the realm of a rapper, Yo Gotti embodies the essence of the hustler and storyteller lifestyle.

Emerging as a budding artist in the challenging Frazier neighborhood, Yo Gotti initially adopted the moniker Lil Yo. In the early chapters of his musical journey, he not only earned his stripes on the streets but also unveiled his knack for storytelling and unfiltered expression. Albums such as “From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game” and “Self-Explanatory,” both self-produced, served as canvases for his genuine portrayal of the hustle and the hurdles he encountered. In these musical creations, Yo Gotti painted a poetic narrative that resonated with authenticity and profound depth.

Yo Gotti Biography

Yo Gotti, originally named Mario Mims, came into the world on May 19, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up in the infamous and crime-laden environment of Ridge Crest housing projects, Gotti’s family background was deeply entwined with hustling. Early on, his father, mother, uncle, and aunt were ensnared by the law, facing arrests when Gotti was merely in second grade. Faced with the challenges life presented, he found himself navigating the streets, stepping into a thugging lifestyle to provide for the household.

Yo Gotti Childhood

Mario Sentell Giden Mims came into the world on May 19, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee, marking the commencement of Yo Gotti’s life journey. Growing up in the challenging Frayser neighborhood of Memphis, Gotti faced the harsh realities of life early on, residing in the Ridgecrest Apartments. Raised by his South African mother and Zimbabwean father, who worked as a gym instructor, he was surrounded by a backdrop of adversity and criminality.

The difficulties intensified when, during his third-grade year, federal agents raided his family’s home, leading to numerous apprehensions and protracted prison terms, some of which over 15 years. These incidents had a long-lasting effect on Gotti, leading him down a difficult path marked by substance abuse, alcoholism, and stealing. But then a critical realization occurred to him, letting him realize that this course would eventually land him in jail.

Gotti turned his attention from negative achievements to positive ones, determined to change his life. He entered the music industry at the age of 14, using rap as his primary form of expression. He started out by going by the stage name Lil Yo, setting the groundwork for his eventual career in the music business.

Yo Gotti Wiki

Real NameMario Mims
Date of BirthMay 19, 1981
Age42 years old
Height170 cm (5 Feet 7 Inches)
Weight72 kg (159 lbs)
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, United States
ProfessionAmerican Rapper
EducationSouthwest TN Community College
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sexual OrientationStraight
SpouseLakeisha Mims

Yo Gotti Age

Yo Gotti, who was born on May 19, 1981, is 42 years old and, in the music industry, defies age norms by being resilient and adaptable.. His durability has been largely attributed to his capacity to change with the hip-hop scene. Yo Gotti is still relevant today because of his enduring love of music and business, as well as his Taurus sign. In 2024, Yo Gotti’s steadfast devotion to his craft and inventive spirit will continue to inspire everyone, whether they are his devoted followers or a new generation of music lovers.

Height & Weight

Yo Gotti looks amazing on stage thanks to his amazing height of 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 centimeters, or 1.7 meters. The artist is fairly heavy at eighty kilograms, or 176 pounds. His particular style and magnetism are enhanced by his unusual combination of stature and weight, which also characterizes his physical appearance on stage. Yo Gotti’s height and weight cleverly weave into the fabric of his overall image, whether he’s wowing crowds with his song or making a fashion statement. This makes him a unique figure in both the music and visual arts.

Yo Gotti Career

Amidst the chronological tapestry of 2000 to 2006, Yo Gotti wove his musical narrative, donning various aliases. A compendium of albums materialized during this temporal expanse, a prelude to his entree into the echelons of RCA in 2012. “5 Star,” the magnum opus of one such album, resonated widely, cresting at numerical pinnacles and 79 on the Hot 100. The inaugural week heralded a staggering 16,000 copies sold, a testament to its resonance. Notwithstanding this triumph, Gotti found discontent in the lackluster commercial trajectory and decisively extricated himself from the RCA entanglement.

The annum 2012 ushered in Yo Gotti’s mixtape, an auditory tapestry subsequently validated for release in November the ensuing year. The commencement of a fresh distribution alliance with Epic Records was a pivot disclosed in the early tendrils of 2013. “Act Right,” the anthem heralding the album’s advent, featured the sonic alchemy of Young Jeezy and YG, encapsulating a sonic proclamation that resonated with distinct vigor.

the year 2012 saw the release of his mixtape  Yo Gotti revealed early in 2013 that   would be released in November of the same year, that he had signed a new distribution agreement with Epic Records. The lead single from the album, “Act Right,” which features YG and Young Jeezy, came in   list. “I Am” was well-received upon its release on November 19, 2013, and Yo Gotti was nominatedGotti released “The Art of Hustle,”  in February 2016. The debut single from this album, “Down in the DM,” peaked and shot to number four on the Billboard 200. Yo Gotti later disclosed that year that he had signed a contract  label, Roc Nation. 2017 saw the release of Gotti’s  which included the number-one single “Rake It Up” with Nicki Minaj. At number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and nominated   Awards, this song was the apex of Yo Gotti’s career. Later, “I Still Am” was successful. 

In January of 2020, Gotti unleashed his tenth album, “Untrapped,” which debuted in the top ten on the Billboard 200 chart.the year 2012 saw the release of his mixtape  Yo Gotti revealed early in 2013 that   would be released in November of the same year, that he had signed a new distribution agreement with Epic Records. The lead single from the album, “Act Right,” which features YG and Young Jeezy, came in   list. “I Am” was well-received upon its release on November 19, 2013, and Yo Gotti was nominatedThe album featured guest appearances by Rick Ross, Estelle, and Megan Thee Stallion and received mostly excellent reviews. Notably, Collective Music Group’s founder and CEO, Yo Gotti, also wears this cap. His eleventh studio album, “CM10: Free Game,” was delayed for undisclosed reasons before being released as a double-disc set in February 2022.

Yo Gotti Real Estate

The year 2012 saw the release of his mixtape  Yo Gotti revealed early in 2013 that   would be released in November of the same year, that he had signed a new distribution agreement with Epic Records. The lead single from the album, “Act Right,” which features YG and Young Jeezy, came in   list. “I Am” was well-received upon its release on November 19, 2013, and Yo Gotti was nominatedIt has been reported that Gotti works in the real estate industry. He claims that early in his career, he started purchasing houses, making repairs, and then reselling them.

Yo Gotti paid $7.6 million in June 2021 for an absurd mansion in Westlake Village, California. The 10,000 square foot, three-acre mansion features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court, and a stunning infinity pool with views of a golf course. He put the hillside estate up for sale in September 2022 for $8.6 million.

Yo Gotti Concert Performances

Yo Gotti’s live performances are always sold out due to their resonance, which is bolstered by his engaging stage persona and loyal fan base. This increases his already considerable income and shows how much of an impact he still has in the music industry. Yo Gotti’s career as a songwriter extends beyond the stage; he receives royalties for radio plays, internet streams, and inclusion in television and film sound effects. This other source of income highlights his wealth and solidifies his long-lasting influence on the music business.

Yo Gotti Business Ventures

Outside of the music industry, Yo Gotti’s business acumen is highly visible. His astute business sense is demonstrated by the establishment of Collective Music Group (CMG), a record company that operates under his direction. This label, which produced superstars like Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta, highlights Yo Gotti’s acumen in the music business as well as his ability to recognize and develop great musicians.

Yo Gotti Endorsement Deals

Yo Gotti has diversified his income avenues by securing lucrative endorsement deals with renowned brands such as Puma and Roc Nation. These strategic partnerships not only bolster his financial standing but also fortify his impact and prominence within the industry.

Yo Gotti Real Estate Investments

Beyond the realms of music and business, Yo Gotti has displayed astute investment acumen in real estate. Owning multiple properties in his hometown of Memphis and various other locales, he has not only broadened his income streams but also significantly augmented his overall net worth.

Yo Gotti Album Sales

A pivotal element in Yo Gotti’s financial triumph stems from the consistent chart-topping success of his albums. A noteworthy illustration is found in his record “I Am,” which notched up sales exceeding 500,000 copies, earning the prestigious RIAA gold certification. This feat not only attests to the album’s widespread appeal but also underscores Yo Gotti’s extensive connection with a diverse audience and the potent resonance of his musical creations.

Yo Gotti Nationality

Embracing his American heritage with zeal, Yo Gotti stands as a proud representative of the nation. His location in Memphis, Tennessee, a city rich in musical heritage, strengthens his ties to the American South’s diverse cultural heritage. Based on this heritage, his music develops into a story that captures the struggles and victories of growing up in an urban environment and connects with listeners all around the country. Yo Gotti’s influence as a successful singer and businessman reaches far beyond the boundaries of his hometown, blending invisibly into the larger tapestry of American hip-hop. By doing this, he adds to the rich and varied terrain of the nation’s music culture.

Yo Gotti Personal life 

In 1997, Yo Gotti entered matrimonial vows with Lakeisha Mims. Despite traversing other romantic avenues, the intricacies of his personal life remain veiled in privacy. Unfortunately, a decade into their union, the couple chose to part ways, citing personal reasons. As a prominent rapper, Gotti consciously steers clear of thrusting his relationships into the public limelight.

Post his separation from Lakeisha Mims, Yo Gotti ventured into matrimony again, tying the knot with Jammie Moses, with whom he welcomed three children. However, their marital bliss was fleetingly short-lived. Gotti, known for his discretion, habitually sidesteps the glare of the spotlight when it comes to matters of his relationships and family.

Noteworthy is Lakeisha Mims’ ability to maintain a low profile despite being married to a high-profile rapper. The details of her life narrative and the circumstances surrounding her divorce from Gotti remain relatively obscure. Yo Gotti’s social media presence also reflects his commitment to keeping family affairs private, as he refrains from extensively sharing glimpses of his domestic life.

Yo Gotti Family Background

Yo Gotti takes immense pride in being a father, with a total of six children. From his initial union with Lakeisha Mims, he shares the joys of parenthood with two daughters, Kyla Mims and Mariah Mims, along with a son. Following his subsequent marriage, Yo Gotti welcomed three additional bundles of joy into his life. Notably, his reported sixth child is De’arra Taylor, an influencer who affirmed her connection with him via Twitter.

In contrast to the guarded nature of some aspects of his personal life, Yo Gotti openly and affectionately shares glimpses of his parental role on social media. Expressing his love and ensuring his children feel uniquely cherished, he frequently posts pictures of them on significant occasions. Going above and beyond, Yo Gotti orchestrates elaborate birthday celebrations, such as the grand event at his estate in 2020 to commemorate his son’s sixteenth birthday.

The rapper’s commitment to making his children feel special extends to surprising gestures, like presenting his daughter with a brand-new Benz on her 16th birthday two years prior. Yo Gotti adeptly navigates the terrain of parenthood, crafting an environment where his children feel loved and appreciated, especially on their significant milestones. Beyond his role as a father, Gotti’s romantic relationships also reflect a demeanor of love and generosity.

Yo Gotti Relationhsip Status

Presently, Yo Gotti finds companionship in Angela Simmons, the daughter of Rev Run. The couple’s romantic entanglement was officially affirmed through a captivating New Year’s Eve photoshoot.

While references to Angela Simmons had already found their way into Yo Gotti’s musical repertoire in earlier years, the genesis of their actual romantic journey took root in December 2022.

Angela Simmons, recognized for her contributions as a producer and actress, brings a unique dimension to the relationship. With a son from her late ex-fiancé, the couple consciously opts for a restrained presence on social media, offering selective glimpses into the tapestry of their connection.


Net Worth: As of the year 2024, Yo Gotti’s estimated net worth is $16 million.

Musical Career: Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, emerged from the challenging Frazier neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. He entered the music industry at the age of 14 and has since become a prominent figure, with albums like “I Am” and “The Art of Hustle.”

Entrepreneurship: Besides his music career, Yo Gotti is the founder and CEO of Collective Music Group (CMG), a record label that has contributed to the success of artists like Moneybagg Yo and Blac Youngsta.

Real Estate Investments: Yo Gotti has ventured into real estate, reportedly buying, repairing, and selling houses. In 2021, he purchased a mansion in Westlake Village, California, for $7.6 million.

Business Ventures: Apart from music and real estate, Yo Gotti has secured endorsement deals with brands like Puma and Roc Nation, showcasing his business acumen.

Family: Yo Gotti has been married twice, first to Lakeisha Mims and later to Jammie Moses. He is a father of six children, actively sharing his parental role on social media.

Current Relationship: As of the latest information, Yo Gotti is in a romantic relationship with Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run.


In possession of an estimated wealth amounting to $16 million, Yo Gotti has undeniably left an enduring imprint on the realm of musical enterprises. The tenacity and candor he exhibits trace a narrative from the austere slums of Memphis to his current standing as a thriving lyricist, entrepreneur, and progenitor.Apart from his musical achievements, Gotti’s ventures into real estate, business ventures, and rich endorsement deals all significantly contribute to his financial well-being.


What is Yo Gotti’s net worth in 2024?

Yo Gotti’s estimated net worth in 2024 is $16 million.

What are Yo Gotti’s notable achievements in the music industry?

Yo Gotti has achieved gold certifications for his albums, received nominations at prestigious awards like the BET Hip Hop Awards, and founded the successful record label, Collective Music Group (CMG).

How many children does Yo Gotti have?

Yo Gotti is a father of six children. From his first marriage, he has two daughters, Kyla Mims and Mariah Mims, and a son. His second marriage added three more children to his family.

What is Yo Gotti’s involvement in real estate?

Yo Gotti has reportedly invested in real estate, buying and selling houses. In 2021, he purchased a mansion in Westlake Village, California, for $7.6 million.

Who is Yo Gotti currently in a relationship with?

As of the latest information, Yo Gotti is in a romantic relationship with Angela Simmons, daughter of Rev Run.

What businesses does Yo Gotti own besides his music career?

Yo Gotti is the founder and CEO of Collective Music Group (CMG), a record label. He has also secured endorsement deals with brands like Puma and Roc Nation.

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