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Embracing Authenticity: The Journey of Juli Kocemba

Juli Kocemba Biography

Juli Kocemba, born on February 10, 2000 in Denmark, is a well-known model who is represented by various agencies, including Metropolitan Models and Select Model Management. She holds a significant position in the fashion world, having participated in campaigns for renowned brands like Zaraman and featured in prominent publications such as ELLE France, i-D Magazine, and Numero Magazine. Kocemba has also graced the runways for fashion shows by Y/Project and Miaou, showcasing her talent and versatility in the industry.

Juli Kocemba Childhood

Juli Kocemba spent her childhood in the Danish countryside with her mother and their dogs, far from the hustle and bustle, in a rather isolated environment. She believes that growing up surrounded by animals has been excellent preparation for her current career as a model.

Juli Kocemba Physical Attributes

Juli Kocemba ‘s physical attributes, detailed by her representatives, encompass a stature of roughly 5’9′ (175 cm), a bosom of 30′ (76 cm), a midriff of 23′ (59 cm), and hips of 34’ (86 cm). She possesses tawny hair, emerald eyes, and dons a size 7 footwear (EU 38). X’s Instagram following surpasses 15.5k, showcasing her sway and presence within the realm of social media.

Juli Kocemba Career

Juli Kocemba’s professional endeavors extend beyond modeling into the realm of acting, notably recognized for her performance in the film ‘Innocence’ (2013). Her impact on the fashion scene is distinguished by her exploration of themes such as identity, gender, and physical prowess, as emphasized in a feature published by Submission Beauty.

Continuing to carve her path in the industry, Juli Kocemba exhibits versatility and a commanding presence, whether strutting down the runway or captivating audiences in front of the camera. Her influence in fashion is characterized by her unique appearance and the vibrant energy she infuses into her projects.

Juli Kocemba: Prefer  the city or the countryside?

I often notice that I feel more connected to the earth when I’m away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet I draw immense inspiration from being in the company of others.

Juli Kocemba mentioned feeling isolated. Can you tell me more about that?

In the small town where I spent my childhood, my family and I were always viewed as outsiders since we weren’t locals; we relocated there when I was quite young. As a transgender queer child, I continued to embrace my uniqueness, and being diagnosed with autism only added to the complexity that others struggled to comprehend. However, I believe having both perspectives has been beneficial for me. Growing up in such an environment and now living the way I do, I’ve become accustomed to navigating the world even when others may not fully understand me.

Does Juli Kocemba feel like you had someone that you could look up to when you were growing up? 

I’ve given this question a lot of thought. In my early years, I didn’t understand why, unlike my peers, I didn’t look up to celebrities—icons like Bieber or Rihanna—because I couldn’t find someone who truly represented who I was Even though I always wanted to be an actress, no actor I ever saw looked or sounded anything like me. I had a great desire for independence but was unsure of what it would mean because both of my parents were business owners and entrepreneurs.  All I knew was that I needed to distance myself signif

Let’s hope Juli Kocemba generation is the last generation to feel that invisible

I truly believe that the efforts I’m putting in, along with endeavors like what we’re engaged in here, will pave the way for us to create our unique path and establish a tangible sense of belonging for everyone involved.

Do Juli Kocemba have any advice – something you would like to say to your younger self at that time?

Don’t hesitate to seek support and share your feelings openly. Growing up, especially in a small community, the world can seem intimidating and people may appear unkind. Remember, asking for help is normal because everyone is human and understands. I used to believe I had to face the world alone, but that’s not true; the more you communicate, the more others respond and connect with you.

Can Juli Kocemba share one of your earliest memories of beauty?

Being autistic has given me a unique gift – an incredibly strong memory. My brain functions in a distinct way, allowing me to recall events from as early as 2.5 years old. One vivid memory that comes to mind dates back to that age, when I was walking along a small street near my kindergarten one early fall day. As I gazed down at the colorful leaves scattered on the ground, I asked my mom what had happened to them. She patiently explained to me about the passage of time, how seasons transition, and assured me that soon the trees would bloom again. It was my first real encounter with the concept of change, and even as a young child, I marveled at the beauty of the fallen leaves contrasting with their vibrant hues. Fall has remained my favorite season since then; I adore how the world transforms into a mosaic of countless colors almost overnight.

This past year has been really big for you. Tell me as much as you want to share?

Undergoing top surgery last year in May was a significant turning point in both my career and self-awareness journey. I firmly believe that self-confidence and positive feelings greatly influence outcomes. I’ve experienced a profound transformation in how I perceive myself and engage with the world. Being able to be seen as my authentic self, or at least closer to it, has been incredibly meaningful, and it’s astonishing to realize that mere physical aspects held me back from this authenticity. Connecting with people in creative environments who appreciate me for who I am has led to exhilarating moments of euphoria. Thanks to my decision, I’ve been fortunate to be part of truly special experiences.

What does identity mean to Juli Kocemba?

Juli Kocemba believes that identity is a constantly shifting concept. For the majority of my young adult life, I have found myself resisting the need to accept the process of personal development and evolution that all people go through in favor of trying to come to a firm grasp of who I am. Looking at photos from just six months ago makes me wonder, “Who is that person?” even if on the inside I’ve always felt like the same person. I discover that I’m always changing, making new friends, and adjusting to new situations. Identity feels transient to me, and I often wrestle with the idea of defining myself versus simply letting myself evolve naturally. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about

What is a moment in Juli Kocemba career that felt particularly magical or meaningful?

After undergoing top surgery, my work has taken on a much deeper meaning for me as I can now express myself authentically and reflect how I truly feel inside. Landing my first job post-surgery with Numéro was a profoundly special experience because I felt truly seen for who I am. While technically I’ve always had the freedom to remove my top and stand confidently, I never felt comfortable doing so until now. The sense of validation and acceptance I felt was incredibly empowering and significant.

Working in an industry where appearance plays a major role, focusing on my body and face can be quite intense. I realize now that the years of discomfort I felt were more challenging than I initially thought. Sometimes, until you’ve gone through something yourself, you can’t truly understand how relieved you are. Until I started talking about it and opening up to other people, I used to think that everyone felt the same way I did about their bodies and in particular about their breasts.

What is Juli Kocemba Safe Space ?

I feel most secure and comfortable when I’m working alongside other trans individuals. Being in an environment where I encounter many people who share similar identities or have gone through similar life experiences is incredibly meaningful to me. It’s truly special to be surrounded by a significant number of trans and queer individuals in my industry, and I’m immensely grateful for that sense of community and understanding.


Birth: Juli Kocemba was born on February 10, 2000, in Denmark.

Career: She is a well-known model represented by agencies like Metropolitan Models and Select Model Management.

Achievements: Juli has participated in campaigns for brands like Zaraman and has been featured in publications such as ELLE France, i-D Magazine, and Numero Magazine.

Runway Experience: She has walked the runway for fashion shows by Y/Project and Miaou, showcasing her versatility in the industry.

Acting: Juli Kocemba has also ventured into acting, with notable performances in films like ‘Innocence’ (2013).

Personal Journey: Juli Kocemba is transgender and queer, and she has embraced her unique identity and experiences growing up in a small Danish town with autism.


Juli Kocemba, a well-known model and actress who was born in Denmark in 2000, has achieved great success in the fashion world. She has worked with well-known businesses and is represented by esteemed agencies.She has also appeared on the covers of prominent fashion publications. Highlights of Juli’s career include her parts in films and runway shows, which display her talent and adaptability.Beyond her professional success, Juli embraces her transgender and queer identity, sharing insights into her personal journey and the challenges she has overcome.


What is Juli Kocemba’s background? 

Juli Kocemba was born in Denmark and spent her childhood in the Danish countryside with her mother and their dogs.

What are Juli Kocemba’s physical attributes?

Juli is approximately 5’9″ tall with measurements of 30-23-34 (bust-waist-hips). She has tawny hair, emerald eyes, and wears a size 7 (EU 38) shoe.

What are Juli Kocemba’s career achievements? 

Juli has participated in campaigns for brands like Zaraman, appeared in publications such as ELLE France and i-D Magazine, walked the runway for Y/Project and Miaou, and acted in films like ‘Innocence’ (2013).

What challenges did Juli Kocemba face growing up? 

Juli faced challenges growing up as a transgender queer child in a small town, further complicated by being diagnosed with autism. Despite these challenges, she embraced her uniqueness and navigated the world on her terms.

What is significant about Juli Kocemba’s career post-top surgery? 

Juli underwent top surgery, a significant milestone in her self-awareness journey. It allowed her to express herself authentically and led to meaningful experiences in her modeling career, where she felt truly seen and validated.

Where does Juli Kocemba feel most secure? 

Juli feels most secure and comfortable when working alongside other trans individuals, valuing the sense of community and understanding they provide in her industry.

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